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Trucking Game Simulation Overview

Image Credit ATS Steam Trucking is an industry that needs workers today, and it will need to continue to fill thousands of jobs in the future as older workers retire.  The annual wage of a certified trucker can start in the low $40,000 range, and grow up to $88,000 within a five year period of time. Do not worry about […]

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STEAM Week 2019 E-Sports and Gaming Concepts

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WEBINAR PRESENTATION!!!!! Key Points! Gaming concepts introduced into school settings can increase the overall GPA of students that participate Over 80% of students in the U.S. routinely play games online Gaming concepts are implemented more successfully in a school setting when there is a designed curriculum A recent article over on Variety’s website highlights a study done by the Entertainment Software Association, and it continues to show that gaming is going mainstream in American households. It stated that 65% of U.S. adults play video games for fun and recreation, 57% of adults play video games with their children, and the average age of the modern gamer is 33. The main point here is that video […]