The Regional Simulation Partnership (RSP) intends to focus on learning games and/or simulations that can provide a cost-effective introduction to a business or industry sector that is hiring in the Upper Coastal Plain Region (Edgecombe, Halifax, Nash, Northampton, and Wilson Counties). The NC Simulation Station (NCSS) will expand the concept across the state as it gains partners. A full list of recommended games can be found in the guides section.

The games and/or simulations will provide a bird’s eye view of a work environment in the business or industry sector, and allow the student to perform tasks that could not be performed in a real-world setting due to age or liability restrictions. Some games or simulations may provide an entry-level experience, and others may provide a higher-level experience that introduces the student to principles and concepts that are important to the business or industry sector.

The initial phase of the RSP will focus on one or more of the simulations below, and additional opportunities may be developed as funding and partnerships allow.

Information Technology

PC Building Simulator puts someone in the role of owning a computer workshop. The simulator uses real world licensed components, and students research, select their components, and build their gaming rigs!

Liftoff is a drone racing simulation game, and it can be used to introduce youth to any career occupation that may require someone to be a drone pilot. In addition, there is a Drone Racing Simulator that is an official E-Sort.

Freight and Logistics

American Truck Simulator puts someone in the role of an independent truck driver, and the trucks in the game are modeled off of real world big rigs. The student learns to bid on jobs, build and maintain his or her truck, and navigate the roadways to deliver the payloads with the highest profit margins!


Farming Simulator 2022 places someone in the role of running a farm based business. The farmer starts with basic equipment, and some seed money to hire workers. The farmer has to grow his or her farm business to make money, upgrade vehicles and gear, make payroll, and transport goods to the market.

Farm Together is a farming type game, more focused on fun, that introduces the player to various aspects of the farming life.

Mechanical Occupations

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 puts someone inside a car garage where they get to diagnose and repair all sorts of vehicles. Typical tasks include taking work orders, identifying repairs or replacements, and assembly and disassembly of vehicles.

Culinary Arts

Introduce youth to a career path in culinary arts with the cooking and baking simulator games! There are a variety of good paying jobs in this field, and these simulators introduce youth to a virtual work environment.


Two Point Hospital puts someone in the role of a hospital manager. There are 15 hospitals in Two Point County, and the manager of the best run hospital receives a performance award each game year. He or she is responsible for building and maintaining a hospital, hiring the right staff, dealing with operations, and customer care and satisfaction. It is designed with a little humor in mind to make it more engaging for teenagers.

Transportation & Transit

Bus Simulator 2018, as well as its expansion packs, simulate transit business and driving scenarios. The player can pick the buses, develop routes, pick up passengers, and perform other common transit operational tasks. This simulator is a good career exploration tool that can be used to recruit drivers, and allow them opportunities to grow in the transit field.

Heavy Equipment Operations

Construction Simulator allows a player to use more traditional construction-grade equipment that would be found in a road, building, or commercial setting.