Our partners over at the Rivers East Workforce Development Board hosted an NC Simulation Station event with a local school systems and other coordinating organizations. The event was called “Better Jobs, Better Skills”, and it focused on youth as well as adult jobseekers. The youth who participated in the learned to play the simulations in a very short amount of time, a trend we have noted in previous articles and research, and before long the chatter and collaboration was happening in full swing!

Area Youth Playing Career Simulation Games!

Rivers East Workforce Development Board leaders purchased four laptops to use for its career exploration events, and loaded several game simulations on each of them. Two laptops have a full steering wheel and driving pedal component to support the trucking simulation game, and all computers have the PC building, construction, farming and car mechanic games. Everyone seems loves the truck driver simulator the best so far!

The adults like the simulation games too, and here are a couple of pictures of the local workforce leaders taking their turn at the wheel!

Johnny Smith, Vice President at Pitt Community College testing the truck driving simulator

Rivers East Workforce Development Director, Jennie Bowen, taking a turn driving a truck.

People of all ages can play the simulation games to get a birds eye view of what it might be like to work in one of these careers. In some instances it may help to build excitement around a career training opportunity, and in others it may help to steer them to another training option. Either way, we think that the game based career exploration concept has plenty of room to grow!

NC Simulation Station will keep everyone updated on more events going on in the Rivers East Workforce Development Board area!

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