We wanted to provide a quick update to everyone on the status of the NC Simulation Station, and its related activities. As most of you know, COVID19 has disrupted a lot of activities for school-aged children, and our project has certainly been impacted. The good news is that our school project is moving forward, and it has expanded from one game to five games. We will provide an update on that project’s status in the first half of this academic year, and work with the school’s communications group on what media content we can release.

We have had discussions with several workforce development boards (WDB’s) and other councils of governments (COG’s), and we are developing an area assessment tool that other regions can use to identify partner organizations that may want to work with them to start a simulation effort. We hope to release more information on those items in the coming months.

We will continue to keep an eye on the COVID situation, and how it impacts this project’s ability to reach students. This type of project can be done in a school setting, or in a remote setting if the student is issued the right equipment. We look forward to working with our partners as the next academic year unfolds and posting updates on the project’s progress.

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