The second episode of Gig East Features is out! Excited to highlight the work of Krystal Cox with WAAT, Paul Christianson with Barton College E-Sports and Robert Hiett with Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments to advance workforce development and career exploration through gaming. I am excited to be a part of the Gig East team having these conversations and highlighting these stories in City of Wilson!

We are excited to be able to participate with Gig East in the development of this video, and to show some game footage of the simulations.

We are continuing to work with Northampton County Schools on their simulation project, and we are in the process of building up the next phase of our simulation concept. In 2020 to 2021 we plan to coordinate the workforce development piece to align it with its Out of School Youth (OSY) component, and introduce the simulations as part of the career exploration process to introduce youth to some fast growing industries in our region!

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