Taking “Game Based Career Pathways” (GBCP) to the next level takes a combination of people, resources, and funding to successfully implement. A perfect scenario aligns all three of those things, but here are some potential places to look if you need help.

Computers for Learning (CFL)
Website: https://computersforlearning.gov/
CFL is run by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), and they may be able to assist local school systems or educational non-profits with some hardware resources like PC’s or laptops.

McCarthey Dressman Educational Foundation
Website: https://mccartheydressman.org/academic-enrichment-grants/
The McCarthey Dressman Educational Foundation may be able to provide grants to enhance learning, teacher development, or other enrichment activities.

The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning
Website: https://www.blendedandonlinelearning.org/grant-program
The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning may award grants to educators who propose innovative technology driven programs that will have an impact in the classroom.

The Journal
Website: https://thejournal.com/grants
The Journal posts regular news feeds that contain a wide variety of links to grants and funding opportunities for teachers, and other educational entities.

Website: https://www.grants.gov/
Grants.gov is a federal grants database that provides good information for various types of grants. Visit the site, and enter “technology” in the search box to learn more.

Steam Universe
Website: https://steamuniverse.com/pages/topic-pages/grants.aspx
Steam Universe is a good source for education technology news, and technology based grants. They also help to convene and coordinate educational experts to talk about leveraging technology in the classroom.

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