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Trucking is an industry that needs workers today, and it will need to continue to fill thousands of jobs in the future as older workers retire.  The annual wage of a certified trucker can start in the low $40,000 range, and grow up to $88,000 within a five year period of time.

Do not worry about stories of robot driven trucks because the mainstream application of robotics and A.I. in trucking is many years away from replacing the need for a human driver.  A person wanting to make a good wage can get into a local trucking certification path through their local workforce development programs, the NC Works offices, and at local community colleges across North Carolina.

American Truck Simulator is a game simulation that matches up with the trucking industry, it can be played on most modern PC’s or laptops, and it can provide a youth with a good bird’s eye view of the trucking industry as a career.  You can check out the “Guides” section of the NC Simulation Station to see computer hardware specifications, links to purchase the game, and video tutorials on the main aspects of the trucking simulator’s gameplay.

The Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments and the Turning Point Workforce Development Board have created a quick powerpoint to walk educators or workforce program trainers through key components of the truck simulator game.  Please click on the slideshare presentation below to view it.



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