The NC Simulation Station (NCSS) is an international partnership that plans to use electronic software games to help in school and out of school youth learn about career occupations and their work environments. We have defined this as a Game Based Career Pathway (GBCP) initiative. The NCSS partners will work to provide assistance and referrals to participating youth to help them obtain additional education, training, and/or work experience needed to advance their career opportunities.

The NC Simulation Station is a web resource sponsored by the Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments (UCPCOG) and the Turning Point Workforce Development Board (TPWDB). The NC Simulation Station site will be used to provide updates on our regional and/or state progress, the games and simulations we are using, and a contact page for potential partners or sponsors to contact us to find out how to join our effort.

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As the concept grows it is our hope that more partners around the state can join us to advance game simulated career pathways, and build out resources that help to generate career interest across North Carolina.